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Transportation Options Network for Seniors (TONS)
TONS informs and educates Manitobans on transportation options that enhance quality of life and promotes age-friendly communities. Programs include: The Changing Seats presentation, The Getting Around Taxi usage guide, Transit information and orientation and a website search tool for rural transportation options.

Handi-Transit is the part of Winnipeg’s public transit system that provides door-to-door transportation for people who are unable to use regular transit because they are legally blind or have a physical disability that significantly impairs their mobility.

Parking Permit Program
If you, a friend or family member has difficulty walking more than 50 meters, you can apply for a parking permit that allows you to park in specially designated spots at a close distance from the entrance. For applications contact your physician, local municipal office, the MPI Driver and Vehicle Licensing Branch or the Society for Manitobans with Disabilities – Parking Permit Program Office.

Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) Medical Conditions and Driving
Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle gives us a sense of independence and allows us to be connected to our family, friends and community. Unfortunately, our ability to drive safely can be diminished by medical factors beyond our control. Driving safely requires excellent physical and mental skills. It is your responsibility to discuss any medical condition that could affect your ability to drive with your doctor. Depending on the issue, a medical or vision report may be requested. Drivers, including seniors, may be required to go for a comprehensive assessment of their driving ability. MPI’s Medical Compliance and Assessments Department reviews recommendations and information on medical fitness to drive and makes decisions according to the medical Standards for Driving published by the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators.

Safety Services Manitoba Mature Driving Program
The FREE mature Driver Workshop is a perfect way for motorists to refresh their driving skills.

Canadian Cancer Society Driver Program
The Canadian Cancer Society coordinates a driver program that matches volunteer drivers with ambulatory patients who are receiving treatment and need rides to get to appointments. A small daily user fee is charged. Driver programs are available in Winnipeg, Brandon and some rural areas.
Ph: 204-787-4121

Winnipeg Transit
Winnipeg Transit regularly operates a fleet of 570 buses, 536 of which are low floor easy access buses. Easy Access buses offer kneeling features, priority seating for seniors and those travelling with mobility devices and strollers. All new buses are equipped with wheelchair ramps to allow wheelchair and scooter access. Eligible seniors (age 65+) can get a reduced fare when using Winnipeg Transit. A Transit ID or proof of age is required. Transit users who buy monthly passes should keep their passes and receipts to claim the Transit Tax Credit on their income taxes.