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Resources for Seniors with Disabilities

Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB)
The CNIB helps people with vision loss gain their independence through a broad range of programs and services that include: low vision services, training to manage activities of daily living (ex. Braille and keyboarding), instruct in orientation and mobility, training and assessment for computer technology, counselling employment preparation and support and peer supports.

Continuity Care
Continuity Care is a non-profit organization that helps Manitoba families plan for the future of family members with an intellectual disability. Services include: support groups for older parents and siblings, workshops on planning, individual support, advocacy and assistance with planning, support for network development, adult sibling opportunities and quarterly newsletters.

Independent Living Resource Centre (ILRC)
The ILRC helps people with disabilities identify their needs and work towards solutions. The ILRC offers several programs and services: Information and referral services, peer support, independent living skills, Personal Care Assistance Attendant Care Training Program (PACE), volunteering, self and family managed care, brokerage and advocacy.

Living in Manitoba: A Resource Guide for Women with Disabilities
The resource guide gives Manitoba women who live with disabilities information, resources and contacts that meet a variety of their needs. It was developed in collaboration with the Manitoba Disabilities Issues Office.
Download the Resource Guide for Women with Disabilities

Society for Manitobans with Disabilities (SMD)
The SMD continually develops, maintains and delivers relevant services that help people gain independence and community support. Programs and services offered include: wheelchair services, parking permit program, travel assistance program, assistive technology support program and funding guide, adult services (counseling, employment support, computer training), education and ethno-cultural services.

Society for Manitobans with Disabilities (SMD) – Wheelchair Services
This program provides long term loans of wheelchairs to people living in the community. An application signed by an occupational therapist or a doctor is required to receive a wheelchair.

Winnserv is a non-profit organization that supports adults with intellectual disabilities. It helps them live as valued members of the community. Their focus is on supporting aging individuals with an intellectual disability including those who also have dementia. Main services include residential supports, exploring later life options, staff training in later life issues and assessment.

Vision Impaired Resource Network (VIRN)
The Vision Impaired Resource network runs a number of programs including: peer support groups for seniors, leisure opportunities, technology training and presentations.