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Celebrating 55 Years!

Celebrating 55 Years!

BY IN MOW Stories On 10-11-2015

Since 1965, Meals on Wheels (MOW) has evolved greatly to the point at which we find it today.  Reliance on volunteers is as ever the vehicle that makes it all happen.

Thank you to all the volunteers for your continued service and commitment to helping the lives of our clients….

A Snapshot Of Our 50 Year Timeline

1965  United Way of Winnipeg is formed and MOW is one of the 18 original community partners

1965  The first meals are delivered under the Home Welfare Association.  Volunteers deliver 10,308 meals in the first year.

1969 Margaret F begins volunteering and retires in 2011.  She missed one day of volunteering because of the flu

1981 Our honorarium program begins, reimbursing volunteers $1.50 per route driven.

1988 Kosher meal service begins, with a kosher catering firm preparing meals for our clients.

1998 MOW partners with the WRHA.  Meal preparation at the Regional Distribution Centre allows clients the addition of soup and midday nourishment with their meal, and an entrĂ©e container that can be reheated in a microwave or standard oven.

2002 The MOW Endowment Fund is established at The Winnipeg Foundation.

2010 Girl Guides begin making handmade birthday cards with donated craft supplies.  Each client receives a handmade card the month of their birthday.

2011  MOW is selected by Professor Reg Litz to be a case study for the Small Business Class at the Asper School of Business, developing a long term business plan.  The class also completes a business plan for fundraising in 2013.

2012 Approximately 160,000 meals are served by our dedicated volunteers.

2013 MOW is selected for the Be A Santa To A Senior Program. Over 250 of our senior clients receive generously donated gifts.  We are chosen again in 2014.

2013 Bill A. retires at age 97, after volunteering for 31 years.

2014  Boeing becomes our first corporate “Adopt-A-Route” partner.



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